Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Link to the Unordinary

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams, a Melbourne playwright & recent PhD graduate, has written a terrific thesis on magical realism in Australian theatre. It covers the work of Lally Katz, Ben Ellis and Kit Lazaroo, and is well worth a look:

Seeing in Unordinary Ways: Magical Realism in Australian Theatre
by Dr Ricci-Jane Evangeline Adams
University of Melbourne

This thesis introduces three emerging Australian playwrights, Lally Katz, Ben Ellis and Kit Lazaroo, who are interrogating the politics of culture, identity and gender through the application of magic realism to theatre. This thesis contends that magic realist theatre offers a public site for the cultural mediation of binaries: self and other, margin and centre, life and death, western and non-western, pragmatic and spiritual. Australia, because of its history, geographical location and cultural positioning provides a fascinating case study."

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