Thursday, October 15, 2009

Australian Women Directors Alliance - Debate gains momentum

Debate is flourishing in news papers and blogs across Australia regarding the representation of women directors working for main stage companies.  The debate has also recently reached the UK.  The Australian Women Directors Alliance (AWDA) present statistics and research that points towards a distinct lack of opportunities for women directors in Australia.  The AWDA is advocating for serious debate and change. 

 The AWDA is a non-profit coalition of professional women directors and theatre makers. The purpose of the AWDA is to provide a community of peers for mutual support and to further the art, professional development and visibility of women directors in the theatre industry. The AWDA was formed in 2009 as an outcome of focus group discussion arising at the 2009 Australian Theatre Forum (ATF).

 To read recent developments in this discussion and a range of articles go to: 

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