Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Create a culture of Creation

Wonderful to read this today over at Marcus Westbury’s blog:

I wonder whether Australia’s European cultural history has somehow left us wanting to keep the artefacts and trappings of European culture while skipping the forces that led to it.

We should flip the traditional hierarchies over. Rather than place our culture centres at the top, it makes far more sense to think of them as at the bottom. It is time we placed far more emphasis on creation and development than reproduction, middle management and bureaucracy by thinking about those street-level tasks and challenges.

Time to recognise that culture — and, by extension, art — is not large and grand but small, dynamic, co-operative and competitive creation and to nurture it right at that point. Time to flip the system over and put the bureaucrats and administrators on the bottom and put the creators back at the top.

Amen to that. Writers are creators!

Melbourne Dramatists' New Writing Award

Yes, it's that time of year again:
Melbourne Dramatists'
New Writing Award

Supported by the Melbourne Theatre Company

The award is presented to the writer/s responsible for the best script at this year's Melbourne Fringe. The award is judged on the brilliance of the writing (rather than the production). The award is judged by us, your peers.

The award includes:
$250 AND a funky Fringe trophy AND opening night tickets to Melbourne Theatre Company shows in 2010!

Winner announced at the Fringe Awards, Saturday October 10th
Previous winners include Alison Mann & Adam J Cass

Have a show at the Fringe and want to be considered?
Contact the Fringe office